Hi there! How are you doing?

Today I’m telling you what I also do and it’s being a cabin crew, being honest I wanted to share with you some picts as we used to say: these are the views from the office. This job had brought me awesome people, unique experiences and had to tested me more and better. When a person is positive, she also sees the bad side of the tale but appreciates absolutely everything and that’s me. It doesn’t matter where we are going all that matter is the journey.

Telling you some curiosities about this job, do you know that flight attendants can not donate blood and after three years of work we can not donate our organs? This is because of the quantity of presuare we’re exposed to, when you’re flying you feel swollen it is normal, all your body gets swollen that means also your organs due to being so many hours in the sky at 40.000 feet has its consequences it also has to be reminded that the most secure way to travel is by plane. Don’t be afraid to fly, don’t be afraid to live.

Love flying!

With love, Lara

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