“Good humor is a tonic for mind and body. It is the best antidote for axiety and depression.
It is a business asset. It attracts and keeps friends. It lightens human burdens.
It is the direct route to serenity and contnentment

Grenville Kleiser 

When we laugh the brain liberates endorphines, these help to aliviate the pain helping to aliviate depression. . Sigmund Freud attributed to the loud laugh the power to liberate negative energy from the organism. This has been scientifically demostrated  by when had discovered that the cerebral cortex liberates electrical stimulus a second after laugh. Then where is the laugh in our brain? It is on the prefrontal area where the creativity resides, this capacity helps us to solve and face difficulties. Laugh activates certain areas of the brain which make us feeling better and see problems less serious, feeling less stressed.

The laugh produces diffetent beneficts not just mentally also physical:

 Favour the creative thought and imagination.

Reduce anxiety and stress, as much we laugh, we segregate more endorphines, increasing our well-being.

Reduce the blood pressure and increase our respiratory capacity, preventing heart attacks and helping to our organs with the oxygenation. How does it happen? Easy, when we laugh we take more air.

Reinforce the immune system, laugh generates antibodies production that fight against bacteria and viruses. (Now more than ever we have to laugh out loud).

 It improves our digestion and  removing fats, when the adbomen muscles contract, increasing the digestive process.

Relax muscular tension and strenghten the muscles which we don’t usually use. Did you know when we loud laugh ativates more than 400 muscles?

Rejuvenate of the skin, when we laugh the heart pumps quickly and oxygen comes into the lungs, improving circulation and oxygenation also reducing toxins. So, the laugh has an invigorate effect in our bodies.

Increase the self-esteem, as I was saying it make us feel better and value you more.

Improve the memory, when the brain oxygenates and relax the mind.

Produce  what we call resilient, as you are able to laugh about ourselves and our problems, minimising difficulties we develop the innate capacity that allow to lead negative situations and get us stronger.

Develop empathy and reciprocity, activating in our brain mirror neurons that allow to imitate and understand others.

Laugh is seductive,  some studies indicate, laugh is an infalllible weapon to seduce men, while to the other way it doesn’t work like that, seems like we prefer serious men but we want them to make us laugh. I disagree with this, men of the world laugh out loud.

We have different types of laugh:

The known  Duchenne smile  is the one which is more alike that produces all these beneficts. This is the spontaneous laugh or genuine, that comes in a natural way of possitive emotions or by been caught up in by mirror neurons.

The stimulated laugh, is a consequence of an action on the body which causes a laugh as tickling sensation.

The practised laugh, is produced by an intentionated way so, it is not associated to thoughts or emotions.

The induced laugh, is the laugh drugs provoke.

La  pathologic laugh, is when you can’t control about its expression, its duration or intensity. It is a consequence of nervous system lesion and it usually happens. Do you know someone who in a cementery starts laughing or in a catastrophic event and they can’t control it? These situations aren’t funny to them they just simply can’t control it.

To sum up, if you want to enjoy all these benefits this laugh has to be natural, spontaneous as when you are having with your friends making jokes. It is also important to have humor at work then everyone will be motivated and increases enthusiasm for the thing you’re doing.

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